Video Collection

Real Life Ghost Busters

Real Life Ghost Busters was written as a diss to Planet Paranormal but is actually very amusing. When we asked the creator if we could use it as our theme song, he was both appalled and pleased. Needless to say, he gave us full permission to use Real Life Ghost Busters. LOL

Voices of Alcatraz

Queen Mary EVPs

After talking audibly for more than a few minutes, Jackie was adament in her denial of Bob’s request for her to call him, “Uncle Bob.”

Bob Davis caught perhaps one of the creepiest EVPs ever aboard the Queen Mary. We have no Idea why this spirit is screaming or who she might be.

Bob Davis caught this EVP playing with him in the Queen Mary Boiler room.

Bob Davis and his daughter Katrina, captured this spirit in the 1st class pool changing room of the Queen mary. Note the distinctive British accent.