Rarely does one book come along that covers such a wide spectrum of intrigue: murder, spirits, aliens, men in black, and the amazing ties created between family and close friends. Thinking Outside the Box: Frank Sumption, Creator of the Ghost Box is the story of Frank Sumption, a humble man, whose life was an incredible journey into the unknown. Sumption’s many extraordinary experiences with all facets of the paranormal defy logic, and his development of the equipment that bears his name–Frank’s Box–changed the paranormal world.

Using shortwave radio technology, Sumption was able to create a box that allowed people to receive messages from deceased loved ones. This advent of paranormal technology was meant to provide comfort and help to grieving individuals–Frank’s intended purpose. His reason for creating the Ghost Box, however, was often sadly misinterpreted, and his good, kind nature often abused.

Frank Sumption’s name is known throughout the paranormal community worldwide, and his gift to us–Frank’s Box–will continue to influence our world for generations to come. Authors Norma Sumption, Brian Clune, Jim Pfister, and Bob Davis share with readers the fascinating life story of one man, who, through natural ability–or predestination–was able to change both this world and the next.